Farewell UECIDE

After a number of "wonderful" years maintaining my own IDE I have decided that it is finally time to retire it. It's out-lived its usefulness and maintaining it has become nigh-on impossible with the huge influx of new cores and boards into the Arudino-sphere.

While I have enjoyed UECIDE it's time to move on. UECIDE will still be available on Github for any that still want it, and I shall continue to host the repos of supported boards etc, but will no longer be updating any of them.

As a replacement to UECIDE I will always recommend "arduino-cli" coupled with your favourite text editor (vim in my case).

Thank you for all the love and support over the years, and you can still catch me on Discord and I'll still be happy to talk about UECIDE and help you with problems on there.

~ Matt