STM32 Support

I have begun work on STM32F1 and STM32F4 support courtesy of Roger Clark's Arduino core. It's very much experimental at the moment, and we only have the STM32F4-DISCOVERY and Maple Mini boards in there (along with the JYETech DSO138 which is what prompted me to get these chips supported).


Repo Cleanup Complete

Ok, I have finally finished the first stage of tidying up the package repository. It's now as it all should be. The old repos, though, are now empty except for one package: the repositories package (System / Repositories / UECIDE Master Repository). You need to ensure that you have updated that to the latest version before you will see the repository content properly.

The second stage is just getting all the libraries categorised right, but that's not important - it won't really impact you at all.


I have now made it so that you can publish libraries through this website! Libraries must be hosted on Github, and you need to create a special uecide.json file in the repo (details in the WiKi). Then your libraries will be automatically packaged up and made available in the Plugin Manager!


New WiKi

I have started a new WiKi. If you'd like to help contribute to it please ask me in the Forum for access and I can grant it to you. I'd like to document all the features of UECIDE eventually.


Ditching Chorum

I have decided to deprecate Chorum - the fancy forum system I developed for UECIDE. It was good, and I liked it, but I need something with a little more integration with the site. Something that is a little more mature and feature complete. So I have created a new forum system based around a simple Forum Topic content type, which any logged in user can create. I was thinking of using Disqus for the comments but decided simple Drupal comments would give better integration.


New Look Site

The UECIDE website has finally had a bit of an overhaul. We've moved to the Drupal CMS now so that we can build some custom modules to help with UECIDE content creation.

I have ideas for being able to do such things as design themes and port libraries using this website. That's going to take quite a bit of work, though.


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