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Asked by GastonLagaffe at 12:14 on 01 Jun 2017.

Salut Matt,

let me test the new forum with a tiny feature request:

When I change the preferences or use the plugin manager, all inofrmation is refreshed after the completion of my actions: • Loading compilers... • Loading cores... • Loading boards... • Loading programmers... • Loading plugins... • Loading themes... • Loading libraries... • Updating system... • done It would be nice to have a button that does exactly that on demand. I ran into this when I tried to compile code that required some additional libraries that I copied into the library directory. I had to open preferences to force UECIDE to re-read the libraries.

A note on the forum software: A preview button next to the post button would be nice to see if I have understood the markup language correctly.

Ciao, Mathias

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There is already an option in the Help -> Debug menu to do that ("Rebuild internal structures").

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Mind, you can write your own plugin in Javascript now that can do it with a button on the toolbar.

If you create a file plugins/refresh.jpl in your UECIDE data directory, and fill it with:

function onBoot() {

function getMainToolbarIcons(pl, icons) {
    var ico1 = new org.uecide.JSAction(
        "Reload plugins",


function getMenuActions(pl, menu, actions) {

function refresh() {

function getVersion() {
    return "1.0.0";

you will get a new button to refresh everything.

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As far as the preview thing goes - I have just identified a markup bug in the POST box at the bottom of the page (which I have kind of fixed around for now), and I need to re-write that section of the site to change how the HTML elements are arranged and generated. I will see about adding a preview button to it when I re-write it later tonight.

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Salut Matt, I got the jpl (Jet Propulsion Labs? ;) file - works well.

Now that you mention it - the rebuild is in the debug section and I had forgotten to look there

Ciao, Mathias

    Posted 01 Jun 2017, 14:56, 1 votes

    Javascript PLugin :wink:

    I am trying to make it so that extending UECIDE functionality is simple. I would like to be able to directly edit the plugins from within UECIDE so you can change the whole way it works on the fly.

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    Eventually I'd love UECIDE to be just a script host and everything else is just a bit of Javascript. Make the whole thing 100% modular. A little too complex though to implement with the current model. Maybe UECIDE 2.0 (which will be using JavaFX for the interface) will be like that...

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