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Asked by RainerW at 12:46 on 06 Aug 2017.

Hello I use my notebook with and without an external display. When using the UECIDE without external display just on the notebook the text is too small. It is hard to work with the UECIDE with the small size text. Note: all is small, source code text and the menu text. Is there a way to scale the UECIDE for the notebook mode? Comparing the behaviour with Arduino IDE I do not experience such issues. I use UECIDE Version 0.8.8alpha22

I the case you require me to update the UECIDE version, is there a possibility just to exchange the UECIDE and not to install all newly. I have unfortunaltely hand modified core libs. If I install the UECIDE completely all this mods are lost.

Best regards Rainer

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You can scale the editor text easily enough. Either hold ctrl and use the mouse wheel, or change the zoom percentage in the preferences.

You can't (yet) alter the size of things like buttons and menus though.

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Thank you for the fast answer. I verified "ctrl and use the mouse wheel" does not work for my version 0.8.8alpha22 But it works for Version 0.8.9-pre16 (I tested with different computer). I failed to find the related zoom setting in prefernces. Could you please tell me where to find? This leads me to the question how to update to the latest UECIDE without having overwritten e.g. DSPI library files? Could you please advice?

Best regards Rainer

    Posted 08 Aug 2017, 19:06, 0 votes

    UECIDE is completely separate to the cores and libraries and things. Just install the latest version.

    The zoom setting is under Theme -> Fonts in preferences. Not in 0.8.8 though, it didn't exist back then.

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