Support for ChipKit Fubarino SD or Mini

Asked by Mikey7 at 09:02 on 10 Aug 2017.

Hi, Is there any support within UECIDE for the ChipKit Fubarino SD or Mini boards?

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will there or is there any surport for the 8 bit PIC boards. Explorer 8 series and others

    Posted 11 Aug 2017, 16:07, 0 votes

    @Mikey7 Yes, there is support for those boards.

    will there or is there any surport for the 8 bit PIC boards. Explorer 8 series and others

    I have some rudimentary support for a couple of boards, but it's very crude at the moment. I have kind of emulated some of the Arduino API using static structs with pointers to functions, such as Serial.print(), since xc8 (which you have to have separately installed because of Microchip's licensing) is C only and no C++.

    At the moment I only have my "Micro Pulse Rifle" board, which is based on the PIC18F25K20.

    Package                                             Installed  Available 
    pic18                                                   1.0.5      1.0.5 
      Experimental PIC18 core
    upr-v2                                                  1.0.0      1.0.0 
      Micro Pulse Rifle Board V2
    xc8                                                     1.0.5      1.0.5 
      Microchip XC8 compiler
    libeeprom-pic18                                         1.0.5      1.0.5 
      PIC18 EEPROM library
    libleddisplay-pic18                                     1.0.5      1.0.5 
      PIC18 LED Display library
    pk2cmd                                                  1.0.1      1.0.1 

    One problem I have is that I currently only have a pk2cmd binary for Linux. I need to create MDB based programmers for the 8 bit system sometime so that it can be used with other programmers than just the pickit2, as well as on other platforms.

    Edited 11 Aug 2017, 23:07, 1 votes
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    Great, I have a load of Microchip gear, I'm just starting out with programming. I'm a total noob, before I put my foot in my mouth again I'll go study the forum and blogs.. Brillient work

      Posted 12 Aug 2017, 01:34, 0 votes

      As far as I am aware I am the only person who uses the 8-bit support. It'd be great to get more devices on there and improve it.

      Posted 12 Aug 2017, 09:38, 0 votes
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