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Asked by GrahamM at 00:16 on 17 Aug 2017.

Hi there, I have imported three boards: Arduino Mega, Arduino Nano and the Fubarino-SD.

My current project targets the Fubarino-SD.

I have noticed that every time I start the UECIDE that the Board has been reset to the Arduino Nano, and from this the IDE has selected Arduino core and compiler. These details seem to have come from the sketch.cfg file (which I must have set incorrectly initially).

Just wondering under what conditions the sketch.cfg file is updated?

I would have expected that it would be updated automatically when a setting relating to the sketch is changed, or maybe whenever the sketch is compiled. In this way the Board and compiler settings would be sticky and travels with the project.

Regards, Graham

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No, it's not automatically updated. You can manually update it in Sketch -> Sketch Properties -> [Objects] or edit the file manually.

It's intended to set a default set of parameters (and many other things, you can change almost everything from there) for a sketch so if you change anything the next time you open the sketch it reverts to what it should be.

Without the sketch.cfg file (which is entirely optional) it will just have whatever was last selected when you last used UECIDE.

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