New serial terminal

Asked by matt at 11:02 on 21 Aug 2017.

We finally have a new serial terminal. I have found "Gritty", a Java VT102 terminal emulator widget, which I have now integrated with the Serial Terminal (and adding it to other areas of the IDE as well) for much better operation. Proper ANSI control support, resizable, etc.

At the moment it is set to a predefined initial window size, but plans are afoot to make it remember the size like the IDE window does.

Post any problems or issues you have with it in this thread and I will get right on them.

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I have just added a funky new option to the serial terminal... the ability to save your session. There's now a File menu, and in there is Save Session. Everything on the screen and in the scrollback buffer is saved as text to a file.

Now, while I am in the mood to do things to the serial terminal, any more suggestions?

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