Version 0.8.9-pre17 released

Asked by matt at 23:17 on 24 Aug 2017.

A few cosmetic changes in this version.

I have overhauled the plugin manager's DEB file handling. Instead of horizontal bars that, on Windows, seemed to lock up and do nothing there is now a text console to show you the actual progress of downloads and installations etc in more detail. It's the same output you get when installing packages from the command line - which has been overhauled and cleaned up to give a nice download ETA and [kM]Bps display. Much prettier.

The "Output" tab has also been replaced with a proper terminal display giving a proper ANSI output of the commands being run. All output now goes to there regardless, so looking at that tab is like looking at what you'd see if you ran the commands yourself. The "Console" tab (now renamed to "Status") is as it was with a more logical overview of what is happening when compiling, etc.

The serial terminal bundled with this version has been updated with the new fancy version.

I decided the Markdown editor needed rotating. Instead of the preview appearing alongside the edit area the preview is now below it. This makes more sense for a more "portrait" window arrangement, and also works well with a wider screen as well.

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