Observations new version

I made several observations using the new version. One of them is that the "theme" is not loaded anymore. Via "Preferences" and "Load" at the bottom nothing happens.

Furthermore it turned out that the upload speed of the serial port is reduced compared with the earlier version. As such not a very big deal, but would it be possible to have a speed selected somewhere in the middle between 115200 and 921600. 512k maybe?


This is actually my board

This is actually my board building script getting confused. The problem is, as always, Windows. Between 115200 and 921600 baud Windows doesn't reliably support the same baud rates as other operating systems. So you have:

Linux/OSX Windows
115200 115200
230400 256000
460800 512000
921600 921600

So the list of baud rates in the boards.txt file for a board is messed up with platform-specific sub-keys that my script can't cope with:


I shall have to do some more work on my script to make it handle those subkeys properly. And that may also mean a tweak to the UECIDE options handling (though I do already handle platform-specific subkeys in other places).

And themes should not have changed. Nothing in that respect has been touched for ages.

  • File -> Preferences
  • Load button
  • Select theme file
  • Open the file
  • Press OK or Apply in preferences

Ok, I have tweaked my script

Ok, I have tweaked my script and now it gives more baud rates. Some will be broken in Windows unless the core-varcmd package is updated to the latest version.