Little bit more impact

The sketch I provided you with because of the complication problem is being compiled right now.

But running it leads to a less expected behaviour.

It is not stable at all. Where I do have some odd ten units working quite OK compiled with version 10.4 it now breaks completely.

The statement causing the problem is in the setup:


When I comment this statement out, the builtin LED is blinking as expected.

Uncommenting leads to crash.

No clue what is going on.


So it's working for you now?

So it's working for you now? The ESP8266 core has been no end of trouble from day one. They have tried to pack far too much into it and give far too many options. It's a complete mess. And in the early days every new release would both introduce new options that I would need to code for and randomly rename existing options.

Hopefully it's stared to stabilise a little now but things are always changing and they're always breaking things randomly.

Personally I don't use the ESP8266 much any more except for existing things that have it built-in. I lean towards the ESP32 more now, and even that I tend to prefer the ESP-IDF since it works (I gave up getting a mesh to work using the Arduino framework, but it took me 10 minutes with the IDF having never used it before...)

The advantage of the Wemos D1

The advantage of the Wemos D1 mini is the small footprint. I have developed my own WiFi model railroad track control system. All prints for all decoders are ready for use by now.(some fourty odd). So for me it is not a good idea to switch from ESP8266 to ESP32.

Thanks for your effort

Well, I started by following

Well, I started by following the basic install instructions on the Github repo. This is for the ESP32 of course. I have no clue about the ESP8266.

There's a link in there to "getting started"

And from there it was really just reading the documentation and looking at the examples provided with the IDF. I found an example that had one aspect of what I wanted in my project (mesh in this case) and built on it.

Followed "get-started" and

Followed "get-started" and was able to run 2 examples, great! But this is command-line only, there is no convenient uecide mode for esp-idf?

It is something that I have

It is something that I have considered, but it would be far too hard to integrate it. Mainly because I'd probably have to manually re-implement the entirety of their menu system.

Personally I was weened on green-screen Wyse terminals on VMS and Ultrix systems, so I am more than at home with working on the command line (in fact it's my preferred environment - my "GUI" environment is about as non-GUI as you can get and still have it classed as a GUI...)