Fubarino Mini PPS programming with UECIDE

Hi everyone, I'm trying to translate an Arduino sketch into Fubarino Mini and I need to use more ports than GPIO can give me. I am referring to the use of PPS to make the OSC1 and OSC2 ports free to use as GPIO, for digital input. Has anyone tried to do the same? Or does anyone have an example code to try? I tried to follow other aids on the web, but none suited my needs. I have also followed the definitions (board_defs.c and board_defs.h) but I have not found any code to achieve this. Or, is there any possibility of having some code examples to transform two ports with analog input into two ports with digital input? Many thanks in advance for reading and helping me. Best regards, Jacob


PPS can't control the OSC

PPS can't control the OSC functionality. Are you really referring to OSC1 and OSC2 that are connected to the on-board crystal that drives the whole chip, or to SOSCI and SOSCO for the unpopulated 32.657kHz crystal that optionally drives the RTCC?

Also which version of the Fubarino Mini are you working with? It has recently been redesigned and re-released as Version 2.0 with a more powerful chip (MX270) and USB Micro connector instead of the old USB Mini.

Further, any pin that is an analog input is also, by default, a digital input. The analog functionality is actually a secondary functionality, and every pin does digital IO.

Hello Matt,

Hello Matt, thanks for reply. I have used the remaining analogic ports from the sketch and seems working pretty. Best regards, Jacob.