chipKIT 2.0.6 released

Version 2.0.6 of the chipKIT core has just been been released.

This version has been pushed to the Testing repository to confirm all packaging is correct - if you want to try it, make sure you have the Testing repository enabled in the Plugin Manager. If all goes well it should be released to the Master repository in about a week.

Changes in this version include:

  • Added support for Fubarino Mini v2.0
  • Implemented USB.resume() for remote wakeup of PC
  • Added all avr-libc _P and _PF variant macros
  • Fix build error for HalvePic32a and HelvePic32SMDa
  • Fix for Issue #435 : making servo library CPU speed aware
  • Fixed pasting "/JK/" and "SET" does not give a valid preprocessing token error
  • Rewrite dtostrf to use snprintf with float formatting
  • Change constructor to take CS pin not pullup flag.
  • Added Jenkinsfile for revamped chipkitbot
  • Restored File::readDir to SD library
  • Wire.write() to support passing uint32_t (and by promotion uint_16_t).
  • Minor formatting changes to file path (to match Windows)