UECIDE is packed to the brim with amazing features to make your life easier and speed up developing of your embedded software.

Multiple editors

UECIDE boasts a number of different built in editors for different file types:

  • Syntax-aware C / C++ code editor
  • Markdown editor for editing documentation files
  • Ardublocks editor for rapid code prototyping*
  • Graphics editor for creating and modifying embedded icons, etc*

*Currently in beta testing

Compilation file caching

An aggressive caching strategy for your compiled library and core files means compilation typically takes a matter of seconds, not minutes - even on a slow computer.

Graphics Conversion

UECIDE can automatically take graphics files and convert them into one of a number of common formats used by embedded systems, such as RGB565, and create source code, which is automatically compiled four you. If you're working with a TFT screen this is an invaluable tool. (Currently in beta testing).

CLI interface

A command-line interface, both using command-line flags, and an interactive command shell, means you can use UECIDE on a remote system without needing a graphical interface.

Customizable themes

Don't like how UECIDE looks? Change it. Every aspect of the editor's syntax highlighting can be modified. There are a large number of "look and feel" options to choose from to restyle the entire program. Multiple icon sets to select from. It's your editor, so we think it should look how you want it to look.

Connect to GIT

UECIDE can directly interact with a Git repository for code sharing and version control. A simple click will pull the latest upstream changes, or publish your changes to a remote repository.

ANSI Serial Terminal

A fully featured ANSI compatible serial terminal is a vast improvement over the basic Serial Monitor of the Arduino IDE

Open Source

Yes, of course it is! It's written in Java, so it's cross platform, and the sources are all available on Github. We welcome all participation in the development process to help make UECIDE the best IDE for embedded development.