Bug in SSD1306 lib

When running the Wire example I get this compile error:

    • Compiling libraries...
    ‣ SSD1306_WIRE [/home/ullix/.uecide/libraries/Cariad/SSD1306_WIRE]
    ◦ SSD1306_WIRE.cpp
    ‣ SSD1306 [/home/ullix/.uecide/libraries/Cariad/SSD1306]
    ◦ SSD1306.cpp
    ‣ Cariad [/home/ullix/.uecide/libraries/Cariad/Cariad]
    ◦ Cariad.cpp
    ‣ Wire [/home/ullix/.uecide/libraries/Communications/esp32/Wire]
    ◦ Wire.cpp
  • Error at line 117 in file SSD1306.cpp:
   ‣ '_last' was not declared in this scope

The libs are available at 2 different places and in different versions 2.0.4 and 2.0.5 under Cariad and Displaycore, resp. Both show the same error, also after shift-compile.

I had used this lib a while ago, and back then is sure compiled ok.

I can't imagine why such a simple error would last long, let alone over two versions?