creation of libraries

Is there a user manual or documentation that describes how to create and maintain our own libraries of code? I have managed to muddle through and get my projects compiling, but I still don't really understand how it all works.

Basically, I want to create my own library of code that I can use in two other projects. The library has a .cpp file and .h file in it, but the way I've done it, I end up with copies of the .cpp and .h file in different places. I think altogether there are at least (4) different folders that have the same .cpp and .h files. And when I want to update the library, it seems that I have to manually copy them around. I thought the point of the library was to avoid having to having to manually copy updates, so I must be doing something wrong.


If you place the library

If you place the library folder within "libraries" inside "UECIDE" in your documents folder then all sketches should be able to see it. That should be the only place it wants to be put.

Make sure that the folder and the files are named the same. For example:

My Documents\UECIDE\libraries\Foo\Foo.cpp
My Documents\UECIDE\libraries\Foo\Foo.h

There is a little more (though not much more) detail here:

I tried to add another path

I tried to add another path for the libraries, but the Fie->Preferences dialog displays entirely blank. I'm presuming it should show something?

It should show a huge amount.

It should show a huge amount. Which version of UECIDE are you using? And what OS are you on?