Default Theme Editing/Reset and New Theme Overlay/Importing

How do I reset all my Current Default Theme changes back to their original Installation Settings Also how do I load/Import a New Theme, The route through "Preferences" seems to me a mere beginner a little unclear, please explain the procedure. Really pleased with the Software! Excellent Work! Many Tnanks Chris W



Theme import/export is more

Theme import/export is more of a placeholder at the moment. I have an up-coming change that adds some more obvious buttons to the preferences window (seethis), but it still needs some improvements.

Themes are just nodes in the preferences tree. When you load a theme it sets those preference entires, and when you save a theme it just saves the theme subtree to a file. Pretty simple really.

To "reset" your theme you can either install the Default.utheme file, or edit your preferences.txt file and remove any lines starting with "theme." - you have to do the latter without UECIDE running or it just overwrites your preferences file again.

Import theme, use the menu sequence: File -> Preferences -> Theme -> Import Theme

Not ideal, but it works when you've found it.

I'd like to enhance it so you can have multiple themes installed (through the plugin manager) and select the theme you'd like to apply from a much simpler interface.

Hi Matt,

Hi Matt, Many thanks for your prompt response. I have latest version 0.10.4 Loaded and I have Checked under Menu ->Preferences -> Themes selection and can only see Sub Folders for Console, Editor, JTattoo Options, Markdown Viewer, and all their relevant sub contents, but the Import Themes Folder seems to be Missing. What am I doing Wrong? Problem is I am 70 and don't see the Default Screen so Good, Sorry! Regards Chris W

Once in the Preferences

Once in the Preferences window you should see a "Themes" menu at the top of the window. Not the tree, but a dropdown menu (like File, Sketch, etc in the main window).

Thanks Matt,

Thanks Matt,

"Duh", I got it!!! I just didn't realise that the "Theme" text was an active Button Box. Maybe a good idea to put a Visable Active Button Box round it like the Cancel,Apply, OK, Buttons in the opposite bottom corner of the Window in the next Upgrade. So Old Timers like me eventually see a Button and press it just to see what it does and don't keep wasting your valuable time. Keep up the good work. Many Many Thanks Chris W

That's why there's the

That's why there's the upcoming change in the next version to add explicit load/save buttons for themes directly in the window.