Display software modules

I have been working on different programs.
With only one program the software was broken up into the individual functions.(displayed under "source").
Also the names of those functions was colourised accordingly.
But as said this happens only with one program.

How can I cause UECIDE to do this with all different programs?


Yeah, it's actually something

Yeah, it's actually something that I am fighting with at the moment. It used to work fine, but for some reason it's not always finding the functions properly. The code that finds the functions is fine - the rest of the system relies on it - but it's not adding the information to the tree. I think it's to do with the broken background tasks that are fixed in the next version, but not sure yet.

Ok, I think I have it now.

Ok, I think I have it now. It was related to the broken background updater service, but the method it was using was fundamentally flawed. It would try and update everything except the tree that actually needed updating...