FastLED library compiler/linker errors in Windows

Another Windows Problem:

When using FastLED.h (which I do in several of my projects) the compiler/linker runs in a bunch of errors. You can try with the FastLED example ColorPalette.

Again this happens only in the windows version of UECIDE, the OSX version compiles the same example without any errors.

BTW: If I select an arduino board, then the (windows) compiler runs without errors. When I select ESP32-Dev-Board the (windows) compiler/linker runs into errors.


That's one that I can't

That's one that I can't duplicate I'm afraid. It compiles fine for me. What are the actual errors you get?

It's probably just a bad

It's probably just a bad cache. Step one when you get an error like that is to just hold shift as you click compile. That will do a "clean" build which will delete cache files first and force the library and core to be recompiled.

Excellent. It's one of the

Excellent. It's one of the down sides of the aggressive caching of UECIDE that makes it so fast. If you have an earlier problem with compilation of a library that can have knock-on effects further down the line. So it's always good to do a clean compile as a first test to see if that cures the problem.

I spent most of yesterday

I spent most of yesterday giving the ESP32 core and boards a complete overhaul. I'd just got myself an ESP32-CAM and found that not only did the board not exist in the repos, but the examples wouldn't compile either. So a big overhaul was in order. When I release this new core version later today there should be more ESP32 boards available and things should work far better. I also found a bug in the IDE that meant it was adding function prototypes for functions it really shouldn't have been adding, so I fixed that too. I'll release a new version of the IDE later that will have that fix. So the ESP32 support should be taking a big leap forward.

I want to do more testing on it though since it now relies on python on Windows, so I have to bundle a python executable package (which I have done), and need to make sure that whole subsystem works reliably (it' in the "testing" repository if you want to try it out though - just add the testing repository in the plugin manager (System/Repositories) and refresh).

Incidentally, I have just implemented parallel compilation threads in my development branch of the IDE. Compiling the CameraWebServer example from scratch (shift-click to compile) normally takes 30.436 seconds. Now it takes just 11.328 seconds :) (this is on an i7 3770K with 8 threads)