Find compiled .bin file for OTA-update

I'm updating my ESP32 via OTA-Webupdate. To do this I need the .bin file created by the compiler to upload. By default UECIDE hides the generated .bin file somewhere in the Temp-Jungle. I tried several options in UECIDE preferences: "Compile the sketch in the sketch folder" "Save compiled output to sketch folder" "Save generated LSS file to sketch folder" However none of them saves the .bin file into the sketch folder. BTW: I don't understand what these 3 options really do.

Is there an easy way to grab the generated .bin file w/o searching through Temp-Directories ?


The problem at the moment is

The problem at the moment is that UECIDE is geared towards generating a .HEX file. The ESP32 doesn't, it makes a BIN file.

The best option is "Compile the sketch in the sketch folder" which creates a folder called "build" inside the sketch folder (where you saved your sketch). All the compilation, and the resultant files, is in that folder. So you would find your .bin file in Documents/UECIDE/foo/build/foo.bin

The "save compiled output" only works if a .HEX file is generated, and the "save lss" creates a disassembled version of the file for debugging, but the option doesn't actually do anything any more since I changed how that whole side of things operates.

I'm working on improvements to that system with the new set of UECIDE's internals.