Install library archive

I went from Windows 10 to Ubuntu. That is quite a positive difference.
UECIDE installed OK. One thing which gives a problem is "install library archive" in the "sketch" pulldown menu.
After selection of the library directory the message is: ... (is a directory).
Analyzing libraries . . .

And that is all which happens.
I did restrict the amount of libraries to the minimum.
Please have a look into this issue.


That is a function that has

That is a function that has been neglected over the years. It is in dire need of a complete rewrite. It only just worked originally, and it's even more fragile now...

I have spent today re-writing

I have spent today re-writing the library importer completely from scratch. It still needs a little tidying up, but it works far better now than it did before. It's more interactive, and allows you to pick and choose which library location to install each library in an archive too (or to ignore any you don't want).

BTW - if there's any

BTW - if there's any libraries that you have failed to import with the old version, let me know what/where they are and I will use them to stress test the new importer.

Also re-reading your original

Also re-reading your original message, it seems you are trying to import a directory. That's wrong. The library importer is for importing an archive of libraries (or a single library). That is, a ZIP file. For example the file you download from Github (