Lenny power consumption

Salut Matt,

due to an instructable on the Lenny I got a question from a reader:

For an experiment, using the arduino IDE and a Otii device, I have profiled the power consumption of several boards (arduino, stm, etc). I have a delay of 5 seconds and then the code I want to profile . Strangely, and opposite to the other boards, the power consumption of the Lenny increases on the delay part of the code, and decreases on the work. Do you know if there is something different with the Lenny implementation of the delay ?.

As a reference, the arduino uno requires an average of 34.7 mA on the delay, and 35.1 mA on the work. However, the Lenny requires 37.2 mA on the delay, but 36.1 on the work.

As I am away from home on a business trip, I wonder if you could check the power consumption of the Lenny.

Ciao, Mathias


His whole concept of power

His whole concept of power consumption on Arduino-like microcontrollers is flawed. Like he's expecting an OS to manage idle states like on a PC. There is no difference between "delay" and "work". "delay" is just "work" that does nothing useful.

That <1mA difference is just noise.

But of course the power profile will be different. They're different chips that work in very different ways.