Need to be root to configure UECIDE

I am a first time user of UECIDE and have installed it as per Download section installation guide. Hoewever, if I run from the Ubuntu Applications>Programming>UECIDE link, although the program runs it can't be configured. I installed the required boards, set the file paths and loaded a .ino file from my sketches folder. When trying to select a board the link is not active nor are any of the other links.

If I sudo into UECIDE from a terminal I can configure UECIDE as before and all the installed boards are selectable and the paths allow libraries and files to be linked and compiled as expected.

Is this a matter of permissions or have I wrongly installed it, where would I change the permissions to allow UECIDE to run from the main menu?

Thanks, in anticipation.



Odd, that. It should just

Odd, that. It should just work. Everything that is downloaded gets put in ~/.uecide. You can try deleting that in its entirety, which will be the same as a clean installation. It could be that something in there has got corrupted.

@ matt. Thanks for quick

@ matt. Thanks for quick reply. Amazing, just as you said, deleted ~/.uecide, relaunched program, went through board selection, file locations etc. and it seems to be ok. I'll start using it instead of the Arduino IDE now.

Many thanks for the help.