nrf24l01 library on PinguinoOTG PIC32

Hello Matt, I am using your nrf24l01 library examples and have not got my two OTG talking... using nrf24l01 rf(spi, 8, 9, 1);

I have the nRF
CE- OTG pin 9
SCK- OTG pin 13
MISO- OTG pin 11 (I noted on the OTG layout these seem to be reverse to Arduino?)
MOSI- OTG pin 12
CSN- OTG pin 8
IRQ- OTG pin D3 (INT1)
I have also tried with a capacitor across the 3.3v power..
If you could spare a moment to tell me how you setup the nRf for your example, thank you

Regards Anthony


That is rather old code that

That is rather old code that I haven't had call to use in a long time. I really can't recall how it works.

However, looking at the schematic (which takes some brain deformation to do) your pinout is wrong. The layout is not reversed compared to Arduino - it's just that the labels on the schematic all seem to be shifted one net over.

  • D13(SCK/LED1) -> SCK2
  • D12(MISO) -> SDI2
  • D11(MOSI) -> SDO2
  • D10(#SS) -> #SS2