Partitioning bug on ESP32-PICO

I can't install my sketches - even example ones - on an ESP32-PICO. It is possible when using Arduino.

I notice that the options for PICO do not have a default partition. And my partition.csv file seems to be ignored. What gives?


That's odd. There should be a

That's odd. There should be a default entry. There's a default entry in the config file...

options.PartitionScheme.default=default OTA (Large APP)
options.PartitionScheme.no_ota.upload.maximum_size=2097152 SPIFFS (Large APPS with OTA)

I guess if nothing is selected then no attempt will be made to process the partitions - so your file will be ignored. Just select one of the existing options for now and it should pick up your custom partitions.csv file instead. I'll look into why default isn't showing in the list. I guess it's probably because of the name "default" being the tag to say "This is the one to use as the default" and is ignored as an actual entry.

Yeah, that was it. The option

Yeah, that was it. The option name "default" was conflicting with the concept of a default setting. I've adjusted my build script to change all "default" entries into "default_" which should fix it. New boards uploading now.