is it possible to use the PICKEI3 programmer with UECIDE? I thought I had seen tis but cannot find it. If it is possible, do I have to change something in the board files?

Ciao, Mathias


It is / was, kind of possible

It is / was, kind of possible. The problem is it's closed source, so there's no freely available programming tool. The closest that I found was mdb that comes with MPLAB-X. Which is a real pain to use - it involves generating a script file then using mdb to execute it.

There is a programmer "Microchip Debugger" in the plugin manager which you can install, but you then need to point that (in preferences) at the mdb.jar file in your MPLAB-X installation. You also need to select which programmer you're using.

It's not great, and I don't know if it even works any more, but give it a go.