Serial monitor not working

Hi Matt

I understand you have been working on the serial monitor. Uecide compiles OK. Upload is working also. When I open the serial monitor only the first 4 very short messages from my esp8266 module are displayed. That is it. The messages generated by my software are not being displayed.

I am working on Linux mint.

This time I am not in a hurry.


Are the messages some that

Are the messages some that you have put in your code, or are they the ESP8266 boot messages?

What are you using for communicating with the ESP8266? Is it something like a NodeMCU with a built in USB chip?

What is sent to the serial

What is sent to the serial monitor are ESP8266 boot messages.

I am using Wemos/LOLIN D1 mini.

Arduino IDE is ok. I am using it as serial monitor.

Multi tasking at the moment: compiling and uploading with uecide and serial monitor with Arduino IDE.

Personally I would use

Personally I would use something like Minicom (Linux / OS X) or Teraterm (Windows) rather than the Arduino IDE serial monitor ;)

So you get all the boot messages, but no application messages? But open the same programmed board in the Arduino IDE and you get both the boot messages and your application messages?

I just have to install cool

I just have to install cool term but I did not take the time for it yet.

I did a test again.

After uploading the first 5 module messages are displayed.

After clearing the window no reaction via serial terminal. Also pulse line evokes no reaction.

I tried more than one module. All the same.

Only directly after uploading some 5 short lines are displayed and that is it.

000, len 138

000, len 138
4, room 16
tail 8
chksum 0x2d
csum 0

When I activate "pulse line" the builtin led blinks once, no other reaction. When I push the hardware reset button, no reaction at all.

chksum and csum should both

chksum and csum should both have the same number showing. There's something not right with the contents of the memory.

So if you take that same board, don't reprogram it at all, but use the Arduino IDE to view the serial, it works?

Arduino serial monitor is OK.

Arduino serial monitor is OK. Hardware reset provokes reboot. Starting OK. Monitor OK.

In uecide reprogrammed. Only boot message. Nothing else whatsoever.

Arduino OK whatsoever.

It could be to do with the

It could be to do with the reset mechanism on that board then. I think it uses a combination of RTS and DTR signals to enter programming mode. Maybe UECIDE is asserting both those in just the right way to put it into programming mode. The serial monitor was designed with Arduino in mind, which really has nothing to do with the RTS signal. I'll give it a check over.

Yeah, when I open a serial

Yeah, when I open a serial port I assert both DTR and RTS by default. I need to see about somehow separating the DTR/RTS controls and maybe adding them as checkboxes in the serial terminal window so you can manually control them.

It's a two-part solution - a

It's a two-part solution - a small rewrite of part of the serial port handling routines (coupled with an upgrade to a newer version of jSerialComm) plus some tweaks to the Serial Terminal GUI.