Uecide not loading on Linux Mint

Hi Matt

I am using uecide for quite some time now and I like it very much.

A few days ago I was working with it. During the day I closed Uecide between several sessions. When I started Uecide once again it got stuck loading. The message read "Opening editor...." and that was it.

I did a new install but that did not help at all.

Any clue?



Running it from a terminal

Running it from a terminal window will give you an exception that will tell me why it's failing. It's probably something corrupt in your preferences though. If you can paste the exception here (and let me know which version you're using, too), I can see about fixing the problem in future.

Hi Matt

Hi Matt

Thanks for your reaction.

I did a clean install of everything and that of course did the trick.

That's good - though it would

That's good - though it would still have been good to know what was actually happening so I could fix it so it never happens again...

One "quick fix" that doesn't

One "quick fix" that doesn't then entail you reinstalling everything is to do a reset of the preferences:

$ uecide --reset-preferences

That will reset all preferences to default and should get you going again if something has got corrupted. If it's a package that's corrupted, though, that's a different matter.