unable to program chipkit Max32

This board has the Arduino bootloader on it, and I can program it with the Arduino IDE. I have selected the correct board, com port, core and compiler. The prior sketch is running, as verified by my using the terminal window to see its output.
But when I try to download a sketch I get this error: You have no programmer selected. You must select a programmer before you can upload your sketch.

There is no programmer option in the Hardware tab.

I cannot find any other reference to the problem, so it appears I am doing something uniquely incorrect. What is it?

I am running 0.10.6 on a Windows 10 box.



First off make sure that the

First off make sure that the pic32prog programmer is installed properly.

  • Tools -> Plugin Manager

Then find:

[-] Programmers
    [-] PIC32
        {*} PIC32Prog

and make sure it's installed.

I just looked. There is no

I just looked. There is no Programmers section, only System and Local Packages. Should I try a re-install?


After a couple of false

After a couple of false starts, everything disappearing, empty folders created in my sketch folder, I finally got it all right, and working. I prefer UECIDE to the Arduino IDE because the UI is WAY BETTER and the compile/download sequence is at least an order of magnitude faster. Well done.