Using Timer library to count pulses in Chipkit.

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Hi!, I need some help from you all, thanks in advance for reading this. I am using an example program from Majenko Timer (, to count pulses from X2 near C22(Chipkit uC32) but not a single pulse is received.

I changed Timer4 and Timer5 to Timer1 and Timer2, (Timer1 is timer and Timer is counter using _TIMER_1_IRQ)

I also have a Max32 but am not in the office,

Will it work on Max32 with timer3 t3CK?



You need to be using Timer1

You need to be using Timer1 as counter and Timer2 as timer and use _TIMER_2_IRQ. "timer" runs to give you a measurement timebase. "counter" counts the pulses as they come in through T1CK.