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Postby matt » Wed Dec 07, 2016 2:09 pm

It's been a while coming, but here's "pre6" for you to play with.

In this version we have the beginnings of:

  • Internationalisation - if people want to contribute their own language please check out the resources/org/uecide/i18n directory in the github repository.
  • Easier use of multiple repositories
  • Bug fixes and cleanups

One of the biggest changes is the multiple repos addition. Before there was an option to add/remove repositories from a hard-coded list in the Plugin Manager. That is now gone. Instead you can add or remove repositories by just installing or uninstalling them as packages. That makes distributing the details of new repositories an absolute doddle.

It also means that little-used (non-production ready) plugins, such as the nightly builds, can be moved into a separate repository that is easy to install and maintain. The result: less cruft in the plugin manager for those that don't want all the extra stuff.

It's going to take a while cleaning the existing repository up and splitting it off into things like Nightly Builds, Testing, etc, but it will be worth it.

If you find plugins disappearing from the plugin manager that probably means they have moved into a different repository. Just install that repository to get them back. Of course, that means you must be running 0.8.9-pre6 in order to even see those repositories...

Another planned addition, which is linked with this, is a public repository system. This is a web site which allows you to publish your own libraries and things direct to the plugin manager. Each user gets their own repository, and those will then be automatically included as plugins in the Plugin Manager for you to pick and choose from.
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