Windows 10 Issues again

After installing java 8 on windows 10 and "uecide.0.10.6-full.exe" (to get the correct jre) I started uecide. When started it tells me that there are no boards installed and it will open the plugin manager. After selecting the Arduino family in the plugin manager I see only a few information (see "plugin manager.jpg" attached).

Where/how can I select my uses boards which are connected at COM3 and COM4 (Arduino Nano and Arduino UNO)? Is this an installation problem on windows 10 or do i need other programs/files installed?

Note: I searched the site for any issues and found something but I did not get an error...

The article in WIKI about installing boards is not working. The article about "Upgrading to the new repositories" is not helpful as I cannot find the "apt/db/sources.db" and the link for the "UECIDE Data Folder" is not working.

I don't have access rights for "" to get the Packages.gz file - is this correct?

BR Roland.

P.S. Sorry for my poor english but I'm a german user...



You should be seeing a whole

You should be seeing a whole lot more than you are. You have the right repository data being used, and everything looks fine - you're just not seeing the packages.

Here's a little video of me installing afresh and installing a board:

If in doubt hitting Refresh should update the list. If it doesn't restart UECIDE and try again.


Salut, I am German and I use windows 10 - let me know if I can be of any help Ciao, Mathias