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It's been a long while coming, but a preview of the next release of UECIDE is now available for your delactation!


Yes, the forums are back! I have finally configured the new server with the right software on it, so you can now start using them again!

Static Site

The main website is now a static site, not the Drupal CMS system. It was kind of pointless using Drupal for such a small basic site as this, so I have hand-crafted the whole thing now. It should be considerably faster.

However, I am now not able to bring you the forums you once had. Because of that please use the Github issue tracker. You can use it in much the same way - to ask questions and things - don't just use it for issues, I'm not going to be all strict and suchlike on you.

New Wiki

I have migrated the Wiki to the Github wiki system now, so as to reduce the load on my server.