Updates to Arduino AVR

In the testing repository is the latest version of the Arduino core - 1.8.9. Along with that is an update to the AVR compiler AVR-GCC bringing it to 5.4.0 inline with the Arduino IDE's latest release.

But that's not all: we have just added AVR-GCC 9.1.0 to the testing repository! Yes, you heard it - AVR-GCC 9.1.0.


We now have the first glimmer of support for RISC-V chips in UECIDE!

If you haven't come across RISC-V yet (where have you been hiding?!) they are the most recent newcomer to the MCU and SoC block.

RISC-V is MIPS re-created from the ground up. MIPS has been with us for many many years. I myself used to use MIPS based DEC workstations back in my university days. Nowadays MIPS is in most home WiFi routers, and it's the ISA of choice for the PIC32 microcontrollers that we all love.

UI revamps are on the way

I have been doing a lot of work on revamping the UI (mostly under the hood) to make it more usable.

I have a new Material look-and-feel coming, as well as the ability to install (and of course craft) icon sets. Now you can make UECIDE your own even more.

If there's anything you desperately want to see in the UI revamp then leave a message in the Forum.


0.10.0 Released!

I have finally pushed the button and released version 0.10.0 into the wild. This is a massive release and a big milestone in the evolution of UECIDE.

To compare it to the previous release version here is the changelog - and it's big:


Javascript Plugins

I have finally done something "big" with the Javascript plugin system I implemented some time ago. The idea is that I gradually start moving the old plugins over to Javascript versions - but coding them in Javascript may be somewhat fun.

That said, I have now written a proper plugin entirely in Javascript - no mean feat in itself. And this one is a useful one for you AVR developers: an AVR fuse editor.


chipKIT 2.0.6 released

Version 2.0.6 of the chipKIT core has just been been released.

This version has been pushed to the Testing repository to confirm all packaging is correct - if you want to try it, make sure you have the Testing repository enabled in the Plugin Manager. If all goes well it should be released to the Master repository in about a week.

Changes in this version include:


STM32 Support

I have begun work on STM32F1 and STM32F4 support courtesy of Roger Clark's Arduino core. It's very much experimental at the moment, and we only have the STM32F4-DISCOVERY and Maple Mini boards in there (along with the JYETech DSO138 which is what prompted me to get these chips supported).


Repo Cleanup Complete

Ok, I have finally finished the first stage of tidying up the package repository. It's now as it all should be. The old repos, though, are now empty except for one package: the repositories package (System / Repositories / UECIDE Master Repository). You need to ensure that you have updated that to the latest version before you will see the repository content properly.

The second stage is just getting all the libraries categorised right, but that's not important - it won't really impact you at all.


I have now made it so that you can publish libraries through this website! Libraries must be hosted on Github, and you need to create a special uecide.json file in the repo (details in the WiKi). Then your libraries will be automatically packaged up and made available in the Plugin Manager!



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