I have now made it so that you can publish libraries through this website! Libraries must be hosted on Github, and you need to create a special uecide.json file in the repo (details in the WiKi). Then your libraries will be automatically packaged up and made available in the Plugin Manager!


New WiKi

I have started a new WiKi. If you'd like to help contribute to it please ask me in the Forum for access and I can grant it to you. I'd like to document all the features of UECIDE eventually.


Ditching Chorum

I have decided to deprecate Chorum - the fancy forum system I developed for UECIDE. It was good, and I liked it, but I need something with a little more integration with the site. Something that is a little more mature and feature complete. So I have created a new forum system based around a simple Forum Topic content type, which any logged in user can create. I was thinking of using Disqus for the comments but decided simple Drupal comments would give better integration.


New Look Site

The UECIDE website has finally had a bit of an overhaul. We've moved to the Drupal CMS now so that we can build some custom modules to help with UECIDE content creation.

I have ideas for being able to do such things as design themes and port libraries using this website. That's going to take quite a bit of work, though.


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