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As from UECIDE version 0.10.0 a new theme system is in use. This allows you full control over almost every aspect of the theme, as well as the ability to export and import themes.

This is a collection of theme files which you can import into UECIDE (through Preferences). If you come up with any new themes you'd like to include here please post them to the forum and we will take a look at them.

A theme that's somewhat reminiscent of the old Arduino IDE.

A dark theme with gentle colours. Ideal for programming in a dark pit in the middle of the night. Inspired by the Ambience terminal theme of Ubuntu

This is the default theme that is shipped with UECIDE. Useful for resetting your theme settings to default.

Reminiscent of working on an old amber text terminal.

A decidedly green theme.

A blast from the past for people of a certain age...

An XP-like theme.

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Running this server costs money. This server not only hosts this website, but is also the main build platform for creating the download files for UECIDE. Just a couple of pounds (or Dollars, Yen, Mongolian tögrög... we're not fussy) can help to offset the costs.

Alternatively, if you want to be more personal, you could buy me something on Amazon. I have a small wish-list of low-cost items that I'd quite like to receive. Make it a surprise.