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Eight reasons to switch to UECIDE

Realtime compilation speed

It's FAST!

Aggressive caching means that, once you have compiled some code for a board, you never need to compile most of the code again (until it's been updated). Libraries that you have used in the past with a specific board type remain cached until either they have an update to the code or you manually purge the cache. Not only that, but libraries compile in parallel. Up to 4 libraries compile at the same time - great for big libraries like DisplayCore that would otherwise take ages to compile in sequence. The same caching goes for all the core code. That means that most sketches, no matter how complex, compile in a matter of seconds. Even first thing in the morning.

It's TIDY!

You only need to install the boards that you actually use. With the Arduino IDE you install a boards package and it dumps tens of boards on you. Install support for three boards with different chip types on them and you have loads and loads of boards installed that you just don't use - and selecting the right one every time in the menu can be a real chore. With UECIDE all the boards are separate packages, so you only need to install the ones you want.


Each window of UECIDE is separate from the others. That means you can have a different board and port selected in each window. Invaluable if you are working on a project that uses multiple boards.

XPell Theme


There's things you can do in UECIDE that you just can't do in any other IDE. From special tags you can add to your sketch to make it do things, to amazing file conversion and editing facilities, nothing like it has ever been seen in a dedicated embedded computing IDE before.


User-configurable themes mean that you can make the IDE look how you want. Select from a number of different window skins, and adjust the colour scheme of the editor and output windows to suit your taste. Like programming in the dark? Make it all dark and gloomy then. Want it to look like a Windows XP application? (you sicko...) Sure - you can do that. You can also export and share your themes around.


UECIDE is not just a graphical programming environment. It's also a command-line program that you can call to compile and upload software. And that's not all - it's also an interactive command-line utility. Ideal for running on remote systems where you only have SSH access. Interact with its built-in shell (which has auto-completion of commands) to edit and compile your code. Run UECIDE with any of a plethora of command-line options to compile and upload code. How you use it is entirely up to you.

Command Line Compilation

It's FREE!

Well, yes, of course it is (although we do encourage you to make a small donation to the running and development costs if you love using UECIDE as much as we do). It's open-source. It's cross-platform. Whatever meaning you want to assign to the word "Free", UECIDE is it. We believe with every fibre of our beings that good software should be freely available to everyone. No subscription charges. No purchase costs. No bowing down to a mighty corporation. Just the freedom to create your code in the way you want to create your code, and at the price you want to pay.


UECIDE is always evolving and growing. We believe that if you have to go somewhere else to get part of your project done then we aren't doing our job right. We were fed up of trying to find the right graphics conversion facilities for embedding images into our code: so we added it to UECIDE. We were fed up of having to load GIMP just to create a small image: so we added it to UECIDE. We were fed up of having to edit ancillary documentation files using an external editor: so we added it to UECIDE. We're always looking for more useful tools to add to UECIDE to make your (and our) lives simpler. Less time hunting for the right tools equals more time for writing your actual code.

Support Us

Running this server costs money. This server not only hosts this website, but is also the main build platform for creating the download files for UECIDE. Just a couple of pounds (or Dollars, Yen, Mongolian tögrög... we're not fussy) can help to offset the costs.

Alternatively, if you want to be more personal, you could buy me something on Amazon. I have a small wish-list of low-cost items that I'd quite like to receive. Make it a surprise.