Developing UECIDE

If you would like to help develop UECIDE we are always open to suggestions and ideas, as well as direct programming input from other developers.

If you wish to contribute to UECIDE please fork the Github repository and make a Pull Request with your changes.

Getting The Source

Using GIT

You can clone the Github repository to get the latest version of the source. Note that this version may not be stable.

$ git clone


$ git clone

Downloading a Snapshot

You can download the current version of the source from Snapshots of the source tree are also available for each version created when we release a new version. These can be found from the releases page here.



UECIDE is developed on a Debian-based system (primarily Ubuntu). You will need certain packages installed for development to be possible:

  • Apache Ant (apt-get install ant)
  • Java JDK (apt-get install default-jdk)

For building Windows packages:

  • NSIS (apt-get install nsis)


Compiling is as simple as typing ant from the top level UECIDE directory. Dependencies will be downloaded and the source compiled. There are a number of other targets in the ant configuration:

  • ant build - Compile UECIDE and generate uecide.jar
  • ant clean - Remove the compiled files and start afresh
  • ant changelog - Generate a file (used for releases)
  • ant compile - Conpile the source code but don't bundle a JAR file
  • ant dist - Create distribution packages. This is a meta-target for:
    • ant linux-zip - make the Linux ZIP version
    • ant windows-zip-lite - Make the Windows Lite ZIP version
    • ant windows-exe-lite - Make the Windows Lite installer version
    • ant windows-zip-full - Make the WIndows Full ZIP version
    • ant windows-exe-full - Make the Windows Full installer version
    • ant bundle - Make the Windows single-file bundle version
    • ant macosx-dmg - Make the OS X DMG image

Building a Debian .deb package is done using the Debian packaging tools.

First you need to build the changelog data:

$ debian/hooks/boot

Then build the package:

$ dpkg-buildpackage -b

If you get an error about signing changes files then set the maintainer to be the owner of your GPG key:

$ dpkg-buildpackage -b -e