UECIDE Families

This is the current list of UECIDE families and their internal code-names.

In UECIDE a "family" is more than just an architecture. The same architecture could be used across multiple families (such as ARM or AVR) but are considered distinct groupings of devices within that architecture.

Codename Family
arm Generic ARM chips (ST, Freescale, etc)
arm-sam SAM3X ARM Chips
arm-samd SAM3D (Coming Soon)
avr Arduino Family (AVR, 8-bit)
avr-cosa Cosa (AVR)
avrtiny ATTiny Boards
lm4f Texas Instruments Stellarpad (LM4F)
maple STM32F1 and STM32F4
msp430 Texas Instruments Launchpad (MSP430)
pic18 Experimental PIC16/18 System
pic24 PIC24 and dsPIC33 based boards
pic32 PIC32 Boards (chipKIT, etc)
teensy3 Teensy 3 (ARM based)
teensy-avr Teensy (AVR based)
native Native
esp8266 ESP8266
linux Linux Embedded Computers
esp32 ESP32