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Installing Libraries

Many popular libraries are included in UECIDE's Plugin Manager to install with a simple click. In some cases UECIDE is clever enough to identify when you have a library missing for your sketch and will install it for you.

However for other libraries installation is fairly simple.

The first step is to identify where to install the library. By default this is within a libraries folder inside your sketches folder (e.g., Documents/UECIDE/libraries). However this can be changed (and added to - you can have many locations set up) in Preferences.

Libraries come in two basic forms - "traditional" and "1.5 compatible". For the newer 1.5 compatible libraries (these are libraries which have a src directory and a library.properties file) just place the folder containing the library into the target location. The folder should be arranged so that the library.properties file is at the top level. Ideally the folder should be named the same as the include file you add to your sketch.

Traditional libraries don't have a library.properties file and instead have much more strict rules about file and folder naming.

You must have the library in a folder which is named exactly the same as the main header file (without the .h extension) so that UECIDE can identify that it is a valid library. For example, for a library that you include as #include <Foo.h> you must name the folder Foo:

Documents/UECIDE/libraries/Foo/... other files ...

If a library is specific to a single core and won't work with other cores (it contains chip-specific code, for example) you may place it in a folder named after that core, and it will only show for the relevant core. For example if the Foo library above only works with the arduino core you can place it as:

Documents/UECIDE/libraries/arduino/Foo/... other files ...

After manually adding a library, if UECIDE is loaded at the time, it must be told to rescan to find the new library. For this go to the Help menu and into Debug. From there select the Rebuild internal structures option. Alternatively entering either preferences or the plugin manager and exiting again immediately will also trigger a rescan.

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