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Upgrading repositories

If you are running an older version of UECIDE and your plugin manager repositories appear empty (or almost empty) then there are a number of steps you can go through to update it and get the repositories working again.

Attempt to get the latest repository details

If, after an Update of the repository data you have a System folder available in the package tree you can look for the Master UECIDE Repository package (System/Repositories). If that is not installed then you need to install it. If it is installed you need to make sure it's up to date. Once installed or updated an Update of the repositories should bring all the packages back again.

Manually editing repository files

The files that store the repository addresses are in the apt/db folder within the UECIDE Data Folder. There are two sets of files - one for older versions of UECIDE and one for newer. In both cases the content is the same.

Older versions

Earlier versions of UECIDE use a single file to store all the repository addresses. This is apt/db/sources.db. This is a simple text file and the content needs setting to:

deb http://repo.uecide.org/uecide uecide main

The file must be edited while UECIDE is closed.

Newer versions

In addition to the single file shown above newer versions also have individual files for each repository stored in apt/db/sources.d. The file for the main repository is apt/db/sources.d/master.db and the content should, like above, be:

deb http://repo.uecide.org/uecide uecide main

If you have the sources.db file as detailed above this can be edited to remove any entries within it.


You should also check apt/db/sources.d/internal.db has this content:

deb res://org/uecide/dist uecide main

If not you can either edit the file, or just delete it - UECIDE will recreate it for you.

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